Coaching & Speaking

Success & Life Coaching
Before you go any further, I highly recommend you sign up for the two free sessions. Book a call with me, and we will get started.

These sessions are free for two primary reasons. The first is to ensure we are a good fit and I will be able to provide you the personal coaching you need.

The second reason we do two free sessions is so you can see how the coaching works and what's involved. I want you to see it works before you ever pay for it. 

Prices vary depending on the client's needs.
Need A Speaker?

I'm available for a variety of speaking engagements.

Topics include Motivational, Inspirational, Personal & Business Mindset, Success, Happiness, Management Relations, and Client Relations.

I currently do a limited number of free events; please contact me if you are local to Eastern Pennsylvania and need a guest speaker.

Contact me today to book me for a speaking engagement.
Corperate & Business Training
I have 25 years of business management and training experience.

I train managers and business owners in a variety of skills to improve both employee and customer relations using my 15 concepts of successful management and leadership.

The philosophies I teach of "Care More & Make More" will increase productivity, decrease training costs, increase customer satisfaction,  and most importantly will increase both staff and customer loyalty. Today's businesses have a lot of money tied up in training and advertisement. Both employee and customer retention should be of the highest priority for any business. Lost customers and high employee turn over rates can devastate profit lines.

Contact me today to find out more.